That's right. Firstly, are you sure you want to read this. It's a crap story, you'll be disappointed.

You have been warned.

In my first year at university (in fact, my first day in halls of residence) my parents bought me a kettle, a cup, some coffee (mmm, coffee!) and some milk. A pint, to be precise. Now, no one else on the corridor I was on had any milk, except me. So they borrowed mine. The nic milky was born (it wasn't created on or for t'interweb!)

Over time, stories were told of one man and his vast vat, but really it was only a pint. People are silly.

That's your lot. Thanks for your time. Please come again.

BTW, she isn't me. The identity-stealing cow.

And because I get loads of hits for the above, feel free to shop through me!
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