A bunch of sites, to kill some time and possibly some braincells

The Register - They once claimed http://www.bbc.co.uk/ ran on windows, and then dropped the story without saying "sorry, we're really stupid". Funny guys!
The Inquirer - A bit like thereg, but more likely to get their facts right
John Cheese - this guy makes me laugh. He might work on you.
Internet Archive - A cunning web time machine.
Mr Wiggles, the messed up little teddy - The only strip worth reading.
Tom's site - Stalk him instead
Shartak - My friend Simon's online web adventure game. Not poo/fart related
Sheldown Brown's bicycle technical info - Invaluable resouce for everything cycling-related

And now for some musac

Thirteen senses - Cornish melodies.
Hobotalk - Scottish folk-like stuff.
Morning Runner - An up and coming band.
The silent parade (formally Pollen) - Ditto.
The tides - and another.
Athlete - They got the style.
Tom McRae - Tom McRae.
Embrace - Out of nothing.
Brody & Quint - Markb's latest venture.
The Frames - Indie-esque outfit.
Sweet billy pilgrim - Nice site, great music.
Duke Special - More absolutely gorgeous music
Beckett - I keep finding 'em
Anechoic - I can't remember how I got pointed at them, but hopefully you will. I take switch, american express, visa...
Haven - Liked them since the first album. Unfortunately, their site requires mongin' flash, for no particular reason.
Gramercy - Cripin Hunt's (longpigs frontman) new band
Jacob Golden - Beautiful voice and fantastic songs
Okkervil river - Great tunes, great voice
Shearwater - Fantastic folk/mellow stuff, from some of the geezers from Okkervil river
Liam Frost - More Fantastic folk/mellow stuff
milky's audioscrobbler page - What the devil I've been listening to!
Freebie mp3s of bands in session - Some interviews and free session recordings
Black cab sessions - Artists doing sessions (usually just one track) in the back of cabs. Which are black.